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We provide Business Services to 

make sure you thrive.

Business Assistance

We provide expert advice, mentorship, and other resources, in the house and through our business partners, that help you grow your business, make strategic business decisions and better navigate the unique complexities of launching and operating a business in New York.


Focused on increasing the dollar amount and number of city, state and private contracts awarded to women entrepreneurs, with a focus on women of color. A Business Growth Accelerator Program that increases the participation of women, especially women of color, in all industries (construction, professional services, goods and services), in city, state, federal and international contracting opportunities. This program will assist women-owned enterprises build their capacity, develop their pitch, construct their capability statement and connect them with city, state and corporate entities to provide access to opportunities to sell their products and services to them.  Participants will identify what agencies procure your goods/services, determine how to best market yourself, and gain a comprehension about the public sector landscape. Topics include RFP preparation, engaging other businesses and public sector strategic marketing.


Provides skills training and technical assistance to program participants in helping to market their product or service. Participants receive one-on-one assistance on pitching their product with the goal of building brand awareness. After completing the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their product to our robust membership pool, touting 5,000+ members, through an interactive workshop or demo.  

MWBE Center

The Women’s Chamber connects MWBE’s to resources to help you grow their business. Our expert business coaches of the M/WBE Center will assist with the Certification process, Marketing and Selling to Government and Corporate, Financing, Bonding & Cost Estimating, Bidding and Proposal Writing and Safety and Compliance.

Our Sponsors

The Women’s Chamber corporate sponsorship consists of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

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